My dogs absolutely adore Kerry! She is so good with them and they are always happy to see her. I don't know how she does it but she always gets the best pictures of them and it makes me very happy to see her post the pictures so I can see they faces while I am away. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to recommend Kerry to anyone and everyone!" ~Rebecca O.

"I am very picky about who watches my dogs and I know when Kerry is at the helm I have nothing to worry about it. She is continuously flexible with my insane work schedule and takes great care of my trio. They all have their quirks from the blind, crazy Dachshund with disc disease, to my sweet, shy Pit Bull and my always mach 10 adolescent Cattle Dog. All 3 are happier when I get home after work and Kerry has been by and they are nice and relaxed after we return."

   ~ Holly R.

Client Testimonials 

​Kerry is a true pet whisperer! She is professional, reliable, and all around awesome. My pets love her! I cannot recommend her highly enough. ~Christina T.

​Kerry is awesome. She actually works on training with your dog while she's visiting. She is responsible and loving to your pets. My crew loves it when Kerry's Kritters comes for a visit. ~Bryan M.

Kerry has been in our lives for a couple of weeks ​now, but I can honestly say, my dog who is a senior of 13 years needs lots of love and tlc. What difference I see in my doggy:) With more smiles and peps in his steps he is as happy as I have seen him for a long time:) Thank you so much Kerry!!" ~ Heather S..

​"Kerry's not only great with dogs and cats, she's also very experienced with exotics--a rare find. When I leave my guinea pig with Kerry, I know she's being taken care of as well as she is here at home. (Pretty sure piggy wishes I'd go on vacation more often...she's happy as a clam after Kerry's visited!)"~ Becky S.

​"Kerry has been excellent with my pups...with discipline, love and play! They get walked three times a day and are always looking healthy and happy when I return. She follows my instructions with feeding and house care to a T. There is never a question. I trust Kerry to handle any situation that may come up and I really feel my sweethearts in are in great hands when I'm gone. Thanks, Kerry, for your great service from me, Neko and Jack!" ~ Silvia S. 

Some of our adorable KKPCS family members

Kerry is awesome! She takes fantastic care of our dog and is a pleasure to work with! She is super responsive, posts lots of pictures (which we love), and leaves a note or sends a text with every visit. We look forward to her updates and feel great knowing our beloved companion is in her care. Highly recommended! ~ Deborah S.